Construction Materials

Everything we build is built from materials. 

With 40+ asphalt plants, 250+ pits and quarries, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch products that are integral to various projects, ranging from road building and commercial development to unique ventures like airports and athletic facilities. Our range of aggregates, including crushed stone and sand and gravel, forms the foundation for asphalt, concrete, road bases, and more. With our  asphalt plants across Canada, we offer a diverse array of asphalt products, from SS1 to recycled concrete blends, tailored to meet your specific needs. Additionally, GIP Pipe Products ensures underground infrastructure reliability with superior precast pipe and precise products, including box culverts and sewer and watermain solutions. Explore our comprehensive offerings and discover why GIP is a trusted partner for construction materials nationwide.

Construction Products

Greenvalley Quarry crushing


GIP produces materials used in asphalt, concrete, road bases, and more. We provide a variety of aggregates including crushed stone and sand and gravel.

Tractor on hot asphalt


GIP produces quality and innovative asphalts from 33 asphalt plants in Canada. We supply: SS1, recycled concrete, virgin aggregate, and hot mix.

Stacked precast concrete pipes.

Precast Pipe & Products

GIP Pipe Products provides superior underground pipe products, precise products, box culverts, and numerous related sewer and watermain products.