Greenvalley Quarry crushing

GIP provides a variety of aggregates from crushed stone, sand and gravel. On a daily basis we produce, a number of different materials that are used in asphalt, concrete, road bases and much more.

Our products include:

  • Clear Stone
  • Granular A, B and M for Road Building
  • Blasted Rock
  • Earth and Rock Fill
  • Concrete and Asphalt Stone
  • Recycled Asphalt

Sustainable Development

Pits and quarries can only be located where suitable aggregate resources exist close to market. Before a pit or quarry is licensed, a variety of studies are undertaken to ensure that the operations will not have an adverse impact on the environment and surrounding community. Read more…

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GIP Pit and Quarry Locations


Brown Pit
432 ON-15, Lyndhurst, ON K0E 1N0
Cranston Quarry
3615 Sydenham Road, Elginburg, ON K0H 1M0
Elginburg Quarry
2307 Unity Road, Elginburg, ON K0H 1M0
Godfrey Pit
1484 Forty Foot Road, Godfrey, ON K0H 1T0
Green Quarry
386 ON-15, Lyndhurst, ON K0E 1N0
Henderson Quarry
445 Kingston 24, Kingston, ON K7M 5R1
Mainse Pit
182 Briar Hill Road, Lyndhurst, ON K0E 1N0
McAdoo Quarry
1178 Landfill Lane, Glenburnie, ON K0H 1S0
Millhaven Quarry
4912 Taylor Kidd Boulevard, Bath, ON K0H 1G0
Moulton Pit
137 Lyndhurst Road, Lyndhurst, ON K0E 1N0

Green Valley /

Bonville Pit
4439 McGillis Road, Lunenburg, ON K0C 1R0
Green Valley Quarry
First Line Road, Green Valley, ON K0C 1L0
MacMillan Quarry
19920 Concession Road 8, Dunvegan, ON K0C 1J0
Murray Quarry
5150 County Road 20, Martintown, ON K0C 1S0


Brockville Quarry
6401 County Road 7, Brockville, ON
Kemptville Quarry
630 Irishtown Road, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0
Mountain Quarry
10909 Sandy Row, South Mountain, ON K0E 1W0

GTA East

Kovacs Pit
9925 Murphy Road Bownmanville, ON L1C 3K6
McCarthy Quarry
2240 Mara-Eldon Boundary Road, Brechin, ON L0K 1B0

Pit and Quarry Environmental Reports