481 University Avenue

Toronto, Ontario




January 2022 - April 2024

Delivery Model

Construction Management

contract value

$45 M


The United building at 481 University is a heritage structure to be redeveloped into a condominium tower. The University subway line, the Dundas streetcar line, and overhead power lines bind the site.

75% of the building perimeter is designated heritage and must be supported in place to a height of six stories through the construction process.

Key Tasks

GIP (formerly GFL Infrastructure) was contracted to perform the abatement of the existing structures, installation of the structural steel support system, structural demolition of the interiors of the buildings, shoring system of the new foundations, temporary caisson supports of the façade and the integration of the structural steel support with the shoring system.

Unique Aspects

The project is the largest historical façade support in Canada. GIP is unique in its ability to integrate the demolition and structural steel support in house through our demolition and structural steel divisions. GIP also integrated the supports of the façade into the support of an excavation system to further realize constructability and cost efficiencies.

The job was made more complicated by the presence of TTC underground train and pedestrian tunnels, adjacent streetcar tracks, and overhead lines. GIP worked with the project stakeholders to ensure the satisfaction of all parties with the constructability plans to mitigate disruption to TTC systems and avoid hydrowire relocations. This was accomplished by carefully planning the staging and utilizing our fleet to execute clusters of 360mm diameter micropile clusters, which served as both façade support and support of the excavation system.