Highway 401 – Elgin Road

London, Ontario


Ontario Ministry of Transportation


April 2018 - October 2019

Delivery Model


contract value

$21 M

Project Overview

The project includes the paving of Highway 401 from Dorchester Road to Putnam Road, the replacement of the Elgin Road Underpass Structure, and Elgin Road and associated interchange ramp reconstruction. As well as median barrier wall repair, sign replacement, electrical improvements, commuter parking lot rehabilitation, and guide rail upgrades. The project limits extend along Highway 401 from approximately 0.7 km east of Dorchester Road to 0.8 km west of Putnam Road, and extend along Elgin Road from approximately 0.4 km north to 0.4 km south of Highway 401.

Key Tasks

Complete barrier wall repairs, eastbound paving, and OHS in the first year. Bridge demolition and reconstruction, westbound paving, and electrical in the second year.