GIP’s Remediation Division has completed more than 3,700 projects to address a wide variety of contaminants in the natural environment, including in soil, bedrock, groundwater, surface water, and soil vapour.  As one of Canada’s most experienced environmental remediation contractors, GIP’s Remediation Division has gained significant experience across a spectrum of services, including:

  • Environmental cut-off walls;
  • Permeable reactive barriers (PRBs);
  • Bulk excavation and transport and disposal (T&D) or on-site processing of contaminated soil;
  • Groundwater dewatering and treatment;
  • Stormwater management facilities construction and maintenance;
  • Creek rehabilitation;
  • Environmental and geotechnical drilling
  • Facility decommissioning and demolition;
  • Storage tank removals (e.g. ASTs and USTs);
  • Hazardous materials abatement;
  • In-situ remediation (e.g. in-situ chemical oxidation, in-situ chemical reduction, and bioremediation);
  • Ex-situ remediation (e.g. solidification/stabilization, waste screening, mechanical volatilization, and biopiles);
  • Vapour intrusion mitigation (e.g. sub-slab depressurization systems and vapour intrusion membranes); and
  • Waste management.

Our specialized estimating, project management, and operations teams have safely executed some of Canada’s most challenging remediation projects. We look forward to assisting our clients throughout the project lifecycle, from planning to execution.