Alternative Financing & Procurement

GIP’s experienced Project Managers, Construction Managers, and Professional Engineers bring years of experience to the design development, construction delivery, and operations & maintenance processes.

GIP (Green Infrastructure Partners) is a seasoned player in the Alternative Financing and Procurement (AFP) market, offering a comprehensive suite of services for design development, construction delivery, and operations & maintenance processes. Leveraging the expertise of experienced Project Managers, Construction Managers, and Professional Engineers, GIP brings decades of collective experience to the table. 

Our AFP product and service offerings:

Value Engineering: GIP employs a systematic approach to improve the value of goods or services by utilizing alternative design, materials, or methods without sacrificing quality or performance.

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD): GIP facilitates collaboration and integration among all project stakeholders, fostering a unified approach to project delivery from inception to completion.

Design-Build: GIP provides a single point of contact for both design and construction services, streamlining the project delivery process and enhancing efficiency.

Progressive Design-Build: This approach allows for early contractor involvement during the design phase, enabling innovation and value-added contributions from the construction team.

Target Price Contract: GIP establishes a predetermined target price, incentivizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness throughout the project lifecycle.

Dedicated Subcontractor: GIP engages specialized subcontractors dedicated to specific project tasks, ensuring expertise and quality in critical areas.

Fixed Price Subcontractor: GIP offers subcontracting agreements with fixed pricing, providing certainty and predictability in project costs.

Alliance Model: GIP fosters a collaborative alliance among project stakeholders, promoting shared risks and rewards to achieve project success.

Fixed Price Public-Private Partnerships (PPP): GIP structures PPP agreements with fixed pricing, leveraging private sector investment to deliver public infrastructure projects.

Cost Plus Design Assist: GIP collaborates with design partners to provide cost-plus contracts, offering flexibility and transparency in project costs while benefiting from contractor input during the design phase.

Highway 401 Widening Program
Windsor to London, Ontario
Highway 401 - Elgin Road
London, Ontario
vivaNext BRT Project (H2-West and H2-East)
Toronto, Ontario