Gardener Expressway Resurfacing

Toronto, ON


City of Toronto


November 2018 - November 2018

Delivery Model


contract value

$2.5 M

Project Overview

As part of the state of good repair of the major hub into Toronto, GIP (formerly Coco Paving) was contracted by the City to perform accelerated repairs of the Gardiner Expressway. The work on this project involved roadway milling, asphalt paving, shoulder repairs, pavement marking, guide rail repairs, curb replacement, concrete slab removal with asphalt replacement, electrical loops, and rout and seal cracks.

Key Tasks

The key tasks included the milling of 60,000 m2 of asphalt, resurfacing of 8,700 tons of Superpave 12.5 FC2 Category D, and 1,800 tons of Superpave 19.0 Category D.

Unique Aspects

Work for this project had to be completed over the course of a one-weekend shutdown of the Gardiner Expressway. To meet the City of Toronto’s tight weekend schedule, GIP deployed a significant amount of resources including 5 large milling machines, 6 small milling machines, 7 asphalt spreaders, and 7 material transfer vehicles. Asphalt was manufactured at GIP’s Maple and Wolfedale paving plants for the resurfacing of this project. Asphalt production at the plants, mobilizing multiple crews and several pieces of equipment including hauling trucks, and coordination of sub-trades, were key to the success of this project.